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Reading the about page is highly recommended.

Data Source

Retentionizer expects csv data to have headers, with the first column named 't' representing time periods, starting at 0, counting up. Each additional column represents a cohort to model, as a survival percentage. The first cell (at t=0) for each cohort must be 1. Survival %s are expressed as decimal numbers. You can view a valid example csv file here , which contains the two cohorts from the original Fader & Hardie paper.


  • Future periods controls how many time periods into the future to show on the results charts.
  • Value/customer/period is how much revenue you expect a single active customer to generate per time period.
  • Discount rate is how much to discount future customer value per period to calculate discount customer lifetime value (dLTV). Enter as an integer (e.g. 10 = 10%, 0.5 = 0.5%).
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